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REGISTRATION FEE WILL INCREASE TO $45 ON MAY 1ST so sign up before April ends!

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An Inspirational Letter from Duncan Glew


I hope you’re all having a great spring! As you may remember, I started a stair-climb fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society when I moved to Philadelphia in late 2014. It’s been an enriching and rewarding experience; I’ve learned a ton about cancer research and what it’s like to build an event from the ground up.

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How the Big Climb came to Philly.


The Big Climb was originally called the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb in Seattle, WA. The event is a yearly fundraiser that is open to Firefighters. These firefighters climb 69 floors and 1,356 steps of the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle. What makes this event remarkable is that the firefighters complete this in full structural firefighting gear. This event is symbolic for the firefighters. It symbolizes the fight all cancer patients endure and that each step is a step towards a cure for blood cancer.

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