Philadelphia Phillies Ticket Raffle Contest


We are offering a Phillies Ticket Raffle Contest Again to help you raise money for the Philly Big Climb.

This year we are supporting two teams, Team CoreFitness Philly and Team BNY Mellon.

Encourage your friends and family to donate to be entered to win the Phillies Ticket Raffle Contest. With every $25 donation you will receive 1 chance and a $50 donation will get you 3 chances.  

The game tickets are for Sunday, May 27th at 1:35 PM against the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Click Here to Donate to CoreFitness!!

Click Here to Donate to Team BNY Mellon!

On the right hand side, in the make a donation box, you can Donate to a Team Member.

Find your team member and donate.

Let your team member know that you would like to be entered into the Phillies Diamond Club Contest!


Then you will be entered to win 4 Phillies tickets in Diamond Club and a Parking Pass or 2 Phillies tickets in Diamond Club and a Parking Pass.

The six seats are located in the Diamond Club area, Row 11, seats 1 through 6.

The Game tickets are for Sunday May 27th @ 1:35 pm against the Toronto Blue Jays. This is a promotional game. All Children under 14 will receive a Toyota Rhys Hoskins Starting Lineup Figure.


Once you raise your $100 fundraising goal, You will get 1 chance to win the tickets.

To Enter the Raffle fill out the form HERE!

Check back often for more information!

Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team.

On behalf of the TEAM, Thank you!!

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