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“The American Cancer Society, Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge program provides a free home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. More than just a roof over their heads, it's a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. Each Hope Lodge community offers a supportive, home-like environment where guests can share a meal, join in the evening's activities, or unwind in their own private room. Patients staying at a Hope Lodge must be in active cancer treatment and permanently reside more than 40 miles or one hour away from their cancer treatment center. Each patient must be accompanied by a caregiver.”


The ACS Bike-a-Thon is a fundraising bike ride for the American Cancer Society. The Ride this year is held on June 9, 2019. The ride starts in Philadelphia, crossing the closed Ben Franklin Bridge, crisscrossing thought New Jersey towns till arriving in Pleasantville, then the route links up with the Atlantic City Expressway. The proud cyclist will be greeted by thousands of fans on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, ending at the Convention Center.

So far this year the ACS Bike-a-Thon has over 2,300 participants, which have raised above $250,000. Last year the event raised over $1,000.000 and this year they are on target to increase their goal of $1,500,000. Over the history of the event, a total of $27,000,000 has been allocated to treat and eventually cure cancers.

You can help by signing up to ride or donate to a participant.

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I am a member of Team WMMR, the largest riding team with 180 cyclists. We are all fans of the station and only one is an employee. Through individual fundraising efforts, the team was the second most successful fundraising team. We are proud of this accomplishment since it is achieved without corporate sponsorship.


Every year Team WMMR visits the America Cancer Society’s Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge, where we prepare and serve dinner to the residents. It is not only an opportunity to show off our cooking skills, but we get to see up close what our efforts achieved.

Our team must train for many hours and miles throughout the winter months, to prepare for the second weekend in June to ride. We also spend many months, marketing to friends and family to raise donations. At Hope Lodge, we get to see, where some of our contributions and hard work go.

Marcus Goldman is a disk jockey for the Local Philadelphia radio station WMMR, for the past 17years.  WMMR has a 51-year history of giving back to the community; Hope Lodge is just one example. Marcus has also been a committee member for the American Cancer Society for the last 15 years, and organizes this event so we can see firsthand what our fundraising efforts have achieved.

Gallery of Hope Lodge Dinner Pictures.

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The last time I visited and volunteered for the Hope Lodge event, I made a dish, Faro with Mushrooms and Roasted Tomatoes. 

A young lady, who had just gone through her chemotherapy treatment that day, said to me, “thank you for that dish. Today is chemo day, and on chemo day I can’t taste anything. But today I could sure taste your dish”   That made me feel so proud. As amateur chefs, we are feeding over 30 residents. I am sure we are all peeking to see if our dishes are being chosen and appreciated. This year I decided to make the same dish.

After we serve dinner we join the residents.  I was dining with a lovely couple from North Jersey. I could not tell if it was the husband or wife that was the cancer patient. It turned out to be the husband that was going to Fox Chase Cancer Center, for a melanoma cancer in his bones. He looked great. His wife said it was not like that 2 months ago. His color was pale and grey, he had no energy, but how he looked young and fit. Naturally, they praised Fox Chase, and it is well worth the travel once a month for treatment, from Ocean County New Jersy.

He complimented me on my dish. Not only did he like it, but they found the perfect meal for their vegetarian daughter. They finally found a recipe to make for her when she comes over for dinner. So I emailed them the recipe. I enjoy making and bringing the food, and mostly I love talking to residents. I get back as much as I give.

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